Yet another static site generator, but for language designers

David Delassus
4 min readJan 2, 2024

You are a language designer, you are working on your own programming language, maybe because you had an innovative idea, or maybe you want to create a monstrosity (hello INTERCAL).

Either way, you want to show it to the world, so you start making a website. If you are like me, you’ll go for a static website generator, and there are a ton of them

For Letlang, I chose Hugo.

It’s nice, I can write the content using Markdown, design a nice HTML template, host it on Netlify for free, really great.

“Do It Yourself” creeps in…

I have one issue with Hugo though. Its syntax highlighting engine, Chroma, does not support my language. Why would it?

To extend it, I would need to create a Pygments lexer, recompile Chroma, and build Hugo with my modified Chroma.

I already have made 3 grammars for my language:

  • using rust-peg in my compiler
  • using BNF in the documentation (I…